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Question: why do we have to learn history

Asked by wabec to Lynnette on 8 Oct 2010 in Categories: .

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  • Photo: Lynnette KellyLynnette Kelly answered on 8 Oct 2010:

    Sounds like you don’t like history.
    Knowing what happened in the past – like in Nazi Germany, Apartheid in South Africa, slavery, – can help us understand why the world is as it is, and help us find ways to avoid the bad things that happened in the past.
    Sorry if you’re not enjoying history, maybe your teacher needs to find some ways of making it more interesting and enjoyable.
    If you think history is bad now, just wait till the government brings in their new rules, where everyone will have to learn useless information like the names of all the kings and queens of England and the dates they ruled for.



  • Photo: KevinKevin commented on 8 Oct 2010:

    If we do not learn from the mistakes of history, then we are condemned to repeat them. That is why it is so important we learn about what lead to events like World War 2 and the Holocaust.

    I studied British history at school and it helps understand how we ended up being a democracy and where many of our freedoms come from. 450 years ago you could be burnt at the stake (a very painful execution method) under one King for being a Roman Catholic, then under a new Queen a few years later be burnt for not being one! That is why these things matter and should not be reduced to political point scoring as Lynette does.


  • Photo: RaeRae commented on 8 Oct 2010:

    I think history is wonderful – you can find out about the emancipation of women & when they got the vote, the civil rights movement in America, the moon landings, World War 2 and its effect on Coventry re the blitz.

    My children love horrible histories, which I suppose is a bit young for you, but it’s a fun way to learn about the past – perhaps your teacher could try an approach like that to make you feel more included in the lesson, or perhaps you could suggest learning about a period in history which interests you?


  • Photo: wabecwabec commented on 8 Oct 2010:

    thank you that has helped me


  • Photo: KevinKevin commented on 10 Oct 2010:

    I agree with Rachel and history can be a fun subject, it should not be boring or dull if taught well.

    It is also worth thinking about how many films you may have watched that are based on real events. If it was not interesting to tell these stories about the past they would not make as much money as they do.