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Question: Hi I am the Youth Worker at Ernesford and the Young People have some questions for you: We are not happy about unlimited tuition fees - in fact my sister is not going to university now because of the cost. What are you going to do about this? question by Tadi

Asked by tammyb to Ed, Lynnette, Rae on 14 Oct 2010 in Categories: .

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  • Photo: Rachel LancasterRachel Lancaster answered on 14 Oct 2010:

    I’m not happy either & I worry about my kids & if they’ll have the opportunity to go to uni. I will campaign to reduce fees so that more young people can go to uni


  • Photo: Ed RuaneEd Ruane answered on 14 Oct 2010:

    I completely agree its wrong that the new Conservative Government have lifted the cap on tuition fees which allows universities to charge whatever fee they want, a phrase I always try to remember when talking about tuition fees, is that students should be able to decide on what university they go because of what they achieve and not what they or their parents can afford.

    I am working with Labour MPs and students to lobby the Government and put pressure on them to reverse their decision, highlighting the injustice and unfairness of what they are doing to university education, as this will only create an unfair society, where the type of university you go to is determined but what you can afford.


  • Photo: Lynnette KellyLynnette Kelly answered on 14 Oct 2010:

    Tadi, that is really sad if your sister isn’t going to university because of the rise in fees. It shouldn’t affect the ones that are already there, so if she had gone this year she might have missed the worst of the increase.
    I think the rise in tuition fees is a really bad decision, and it isn’t what they said before the election. The lib dems said they would abolish tuition fees – so that was a bit of a lie, wasn’t it.
    I am joining in the campaigns that the National Union of Students are running against the rise in fees and I think you should too.