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Coventry City Council

Question: hi ed do you know how much of the city do you control

Asked by enrico to Ed on 13 Oct 2010 in Categories: .

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  • Photo: Ed RuaneEd Ruane answered on 13 Oct 2010:

    Coventry City Council is split into 18 wards altogether, and I represent a ward in the city called Henley ward, which is in the north east of the city and covers areas like Henley Green, Potters Green, Walsgrave and Wood End. Each ward has 3 councillors, which area or ward do you live in?

    The Labour Party controls the Council at the moment because Labour has more councillors than any of the other parties such as the Conservatives or Liberal Democrats. Please see below the number of councillors each political party has.
    Labour 30
    Conservative 22
    Socialist 1
    Liberal Democrat 1