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Coventry City Council

Question: why is the park on the charterhouse feilds rubish and do you have any plans to make it better

Asked by wabec to Kevin on 8 Oct 2010 in Categories: .

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  • Photo: Kevin FosterKevin Foster answered on 8 Oct 2010:

    I can remember the current park being built last year and am interested to hear your feedback. The key part is what do you think would make it better? Sadly a number of parks across the city suffer from vandalism and this means some equipment is no longer installed due to the costs of constantly repairing it.

    For parks to be successful young people need to be given a say in how they are designed. There also needs to be facilites for all ages, not just very young children. I can give a view on what I might like to see there, but it is young people themselves who are the best ones for the Council to ask.



  • Photo: wabecwabec commented on 8 Oct 2010:

    well it would be better with some swings and slide and maybe a climbing frame


  • Photo: DavidDavid commented on 8 Oct 2010:

    Kevin is right. We want the best parks we can for all ages, but this is outside my Ward, so I will not comment in detail. The problem is that a very small number of people may deliberately wreck things, knowing that the places cannot be watched all the time.


  • Photo: KevinKevin commented on 10 Oct 2010:

    Thanks for the feedback wabec. I will ask the Council to look at some new equipment and if elected as the Youth Champion this will be an issue I can get onto straight away.