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Coventry City Council

Question: what kind of people do you deal with

Asked by arunsa to Ed on 7 Oct 2010 in Categories: . This question was also asked by daltonbellamy.

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  • Photo: Ed RuaneEd Ruane answered on 7 Oct 2010:

    All types of people really, from all walks of life, mainly from people who want help, as peoples problems can vary so much in life, say for example from a little old lady who wants her trees cutback because she is unable to do it herself to a young boy needing drug treatment from his hospital which his not getting. It makes life interesting by interacting with people from different ages, cultures and backgrounds.

    Councillors do try and stick to representing only those people who live in their ward, so I mainly concentrate in Henley ward which covers Henley Green, Manor Farm, Potters Green, Walsgrave and Wood End.



  • Photo: daltonbellamydaltonbellamy commented on 7 Oct 2010:

    thanks for the answer like what do you talk about when you talk to them


  • Photo: LynnetteLynnette commented on 8 Oct 2010:

    We talk about what is happening in their area, what problems they are getting, and how they want us to help. Like yesterday I was talking to some residents about a football team they are trying to set up, and they said they need goalposts. Today I’ve been finding out who in the council can help them get money to buy the goalposts.
    And sometimes it’s nice just to call in on people for a cup of tea and see how they and their family is getting on.