Coventry City Council


Ed Ruane

Favourite Thing: Watching live comedy, favourite comedians at the moment would have to be Frankie Boyle, Jimmy Carr and Chris Rock.

Me and my council work

Dealing with different people everyday who want your help and assistance means that you have to try and resolve a wide range of issues and problems.

I’ve been a councillor for 2 years, I’m aged 32 and originally from Birmingham, but don’t hold being a brummie against me ;-).  I’ve always had a keen interest in politics having studied it at A’level and then as a degree at University so I guess it always made sense for me to work in politics, I’ve worked for several MPs (Members of Parliaments) and I currently work for Geoffrey Robinson MP, who is a Member of Parliament in Coventry.

I’m a bit of a fitness fanatic, I think its something to do with me reaching my 30s, I enjoy regularly training in my local gym and play various sports such as football and rugby.  I find keeping physically fit keeps you upbeat and in a positive frame of mind, which I find important as my council work regularly involves having to deal with other peoples problems so you often have to listen to people complaining and moaning alot. 🙁

My council work can vary enormously from dealing with a wide spectrum of issues such as discussing new ways to tackle obesity in adults and children to improving the shops in our city centre.

I decided a few years ago to ‘take the plunge’ and stand for election as a councillor, and I’m glad I did, because before I got involved I was sceptical about the difference that politicians – particularly in local government – could make to people’s quality of life but actually being elected as a councillor has really opened my eyes. I’ve learned a huge amount and I’ve been able to help make positive changes to our city.

My Typical Day

You never have two days the same in politics which keeps things interesting as you learn something new all the time.

A typical day for me would have to start with training in the gym early in the morning before work.  Once at work I’d check and respond to my emails and letters, make a few phonecalls which are normally to do with casework. I’d read the local newspaper, the Coventry Telegraph to ensure I’m fully aware of topical issues affecting our city.

By the afternoon I would be attending a Council meeting which could involve discussing a whole range of issues, in the evening I’d be attending a residents meeting or a community event or luckily if my diary was free I’d go exercising at the Memorial Park or play football with my friends.

What I'd do as "Youth Champion"

I’d listen to young peoples issues and ideas, and I’d support/champion those new ideas so young people feel that they have a voice and are being properly represented.

I suppose its in the name really, as a ‘Youth Champion’ should primarily listen to young people and represent their views and give them a voice and champion their ideas and issues.

I’d also work towards improving the standard of education in our schools, which may sound dull, but education is so vitally important to giving you better opportunities in life, such as giving you opportunities about what university you want to go to or what job you want in later life, having a good education ensures that you keep all your options open giving you the freedom to pick and choose about what you want to do…sorry to sound a bit preachy but a good education gives you such a good start in life.

How would I work towards improving the standard of education? I would campaign on 3 main issues;

  1. To rebuild some of our schools in Coventry, to modernise the teaching facilities for pupils to learn in, this has made such a positive impact already for other schools in Coventry such as Grace Academy which is in Henley ward.
  2. Improve the standard of teaching, I remember when I was at school you had good teachers but you also had bad teachers, and I’m sure that’s still the case today, where the quality of teaching from some teachers is just not good enough and that needs to change.
  3. Better discipline in schools, not a popular choice I know, but the vast majority of pupils are well behaved in school and want to learn, but unfortunately there are a minority who are constantly disruptive in lessons and therefore affect the quality of education being taught to the rest of the class which just isn’t fair.

My Interview

How would you describe yourself in 3 words?

Easygoing, Kind & Fun

Who is your favourite singer or band?

My favourite current band at the moment would have to be Kasabian, great band to go and see live.

What is the most fun thing you've done?

Going to the 2006 Football World Cup in Germany and watching England play, it was loads of fun and a great experience to meet so many different people from so many other countries.

If you had 3 wishes for yourself what would they be? - be honest!

1. To be fit and healthy; 2. Win the National Lottery; 3. Watch England win the World Cup, which seems more and more unlikely these days. :-(

What did you want to be after you left school?

I think like most people I was never a 100% sure what I wanted to be, however I always had a keen interest in politics from a young age so it made sense for me to do something I enjoyed and felt passionate about.

Were you ever in trouble in at school?

Yes, it was normally for my appearance, I used to have longish hair, think it was part of my grunge/indie phase when growing up.

What's the best thing you've done as a councillor?

I helped a young disabled boy get a proper course of drug treatment from the hospital, which at first the hospital weren’t going to do because they said the drugs were too expensive to provide.

Tell us a joke.

Amy Winehouse – her surname is beginning to sound like a description of her liver.


Councillor for:

Henley ward, which covers Henley Green, Manor Farm, Potters Green, Walsgrave and Wood End.


The Labour Party

Council job:

Chair of Finance, which makes sure the Council is spending taxpayers money correctly.


I work for Geoffrey Robinson MP, who is a Member of Parliament for Coventry.