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Coventry City Council

Question: are you going to build any football pitches a round whitley and folly lane

Asked by devonte to Ed on 7 Oct 2010 in Categories: .

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  • Photo: Ed RuaneEd Ruane answered on 7 Oct 2010:

    I’m really not sure at the moment…I’ll find out from the Council to see if they have any plans and I’ll let you know in a few days.



  • Photo: KevinKevin commented on 7 Oct 2010:

    Hi devonte,

    as a Councillor for Whitley I know the area well and have supported efforts to improve the sports facilties at Whitley Abbey School. At the moment there are pitches which are underused near the River Sowe and could do with a make over to improve them. A few years ago the Alan Higgs Centre built a number of all weather pitches but I have always been concerned that Whitley kids might not be getting the most out of them.

    it might be an idea to direct your questions to more than just one Councillor as I only found this one by accident and to be fair to Ed as a councillor for Henley he would not be as familiar with the area concerned.

    Best wishes,



  • Photo: DavidDavid commented on 10 Oct 2010:

    I do not represent that area, so I am happy with Kevin’s comments.